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Hound Sounds

Help my dog won't sit!

Troubleshoot your way to the perfect SIT

When most puppies come to classes at around 12 weeks, they have usually been

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About Me

Pauline Gloyens Surrey Dog Training

I came to England from Paris when I was 22. I was obsessed with dogs from childhood and my first dog was a Cairn Terrier who lived happily in a 5th floor apartment in the 15th arrondissement. My husband will tell anyone who listens that our children are just dog substitutes.

My Labrador, Lucy, made me want to be a dog trainer. Her behaviour was totally unpredictable and despite numerous training classes and different trainers, she was not learning anything.....

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Dog & Puppy Training In Guildford, Surrey


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Whatever your training needs we know about dogs and we can help!

Surrey Dog Training is a highly professional training organisation based near Guildford and Cranleigh. We are committed to training your dog but in a way that is fun for the dog and (we hope!) a pleasure for you. We aim to produce a dog that behaves in the way that you want and that wants to please you.

Helping you make the right choices

We believe in a holistic approach. We can be there right from the start to help you choose the right breed for your lifestyle. We offer pre-puppy visits to help you prepare for the puppy's arrival and show you what you need, what to avoid and how to protect your house and furniture. We offer puppy training packages to suit your needs and the needs of the breed you have chosen: we make a big point of working with, not against, your dog’s hardwired behaviours. We also offer one off training sessions and home visits, to see your dog "in action" in its own environment. We know about the problems with adolescent dogs, untrained adult dogs and the particular difficulties associated with rescue dogs.

Area Covered - We provide dog and puppy training in Guildford, Woking, Godalming, and the surrounding area. Please contact us to arrange a meeting at your convenience.

Puppy training packages, Coping with adolescent dogs, Home visits, Prepare for your puppy, Pre-vaccination puppy home visit, Clicker training.

A French View

I love England and I have always been very happy here. If you have been brought up in Paris and are suddenly parachuted into Surrey, you can't help but notice how polite and patient people are here. This also means that people give themselves a very hard time if they think they might be criticised if their dog's behaviour might inconvenience anybody in any way. Their stress quickly passes onto their animal, creating a chain reaction which can lead to a loss of control. At Surrey Dog Training we believe in positive reinforcement for dogs and owners! We focus on your dog's strengths to build up its confidence and yours.